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After an abortion, Regina Block suffered from crippling depression. Until, one day, on the brink of committing suicide, Regina’s four-year-old daughter revealed a mystical message from heaven that changed her life. Inspired by a true story.

Our current project is a pro-life, faith-based feature film called: HE NAMED HIM ADAM. It’s the inspiring, true-life story of Regina Block.

After an abortion, Regina suffered from crippling depression. Over nine years, her depression became so severe that it ended her marriage, her ambition to become a lawyer, and drove her to the brink of suicide. It was then, after hitting rock-bottom that she was finally willing to listen to her four-year old daughter. Her daughter had been having recurring dreams revealing a mystical message from heaven. This message was so powerful that it healed Regina’s depression and inspired her to dedicate her life to helping post-abortive women recover from the devastation of abortion.

Millions of women who’ve had abortions wonder about their lost babies, or even come to regret their abortions. Sometimes decades later.  Until we can convince these women that there’s a path to peace and reconciliation through Christ, they will continue to uphold and defend their actions by voting for abortion. Regina found that path, and telling her story can inspire others to follow in her footsteps. This is why we’re making this film.  

Which brings us to how you can help.  Hollywood won't tell this story. But thanks to crowd-funding and streaming, we can by-pass the studio system, finance this film with your donations, and bring it to the world.

If you want to help us change hearts and minds, please donate!  Even as little as $5 can help because it shows the world how many of us there are. We’ll be posting the number of supporters on our website. Please, click on the DONATE button and be a part of pro-life movie history.


We also offer a variety of donation perks on the HE NAMED HIM ADAM website.  Let’s change lives for the better! 

Past & Future Projects

Fathe Ryan
Father Ryan: A Higher Call

Currently on the festival circuit

A hero of the 1878 Chattanooga

Yellow Fever Epidemic

In the summer of 1878, refugees from the Memphis epidemic came to Chattanooga to escape the ravages of this deadly disease.  Within two days, the first victims died.  Nearly all the townspeople fled to the mountains surrounding Chattanooga leaving behind those without means, the infirm and the elderly.  A few brave citizens decided to stay behind to help the sick and dying.  One of these was Fr. Patrick Ryan of Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church.  Fr. Ryan tirelessly made the rounds to the sick, suffering and dying, regardless of race or creed, until he himself succumbed to the disease.

Best Director - InternationalChristianFilmMusicFestival-black-2023.png
Best Documentary -InternationalChristianFilmMusicFestival-black-2023.png
Heroes of the Chattanooga Yellow Fever pandemic of 1878 v4.jpg
Poster Fr. Ryan_FB.jpg
Aurora B.

Currently in Development

Contact Marc for a link to the synopsis, the Director's Style Book, Producer's Deck and script.

Sometimes the thing you want least is the thing you need most.

auroraB logo 6-19 v2.jpg

Currently in Development

Contact Marc for a link to the synopsis, the Director's Style Book, Producer's Deck and script.

​A washed-up poet is hired to discourage a billionaire heir-apparent from pursuing the artist’s path, until he becomes entangled in a three-way love triangle that inspires him in ways he never imagined.

SONNET takes place in the fictional world of Hollyland, a modern-day blend of LA and Tudor England.  Our Special FX guru, Ryan Carter, put together this flyover.




Veronica is a multi-award-winning filmmaker. Her most recent project, FATHER RYAN: A HIGHER CALL, a docu-drama about the life of heroic, Catholic priest, Father Patrick Ryan, won Best Documentary and Best Director at the 2023 Cannes World Art Festival. After a festival run, FATHER RYAN aired in September 2023 on the Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) for an estimated global audience of 13 million viewers.  It is currently streaming on the FORMED Channel reaching over 6000 U.S. parishes, a potential viewing audience of over one million.


Her "karmic komedy" DANDELION DHARMA won the coveted Audience Award for Best Live Action short at Palm Springs International ShortFest, and Best Director award at San Francisco Women's International Film Festival. Dharma's two-year festival run included screenings at numerous, notable festivals around the world, and at venues including the legendary Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Her off-beat, horror short NIGHTSWEATS premiered at the Filmmakers Alliance Vision Awards at the Director’s Guild of America as part of an evening honoring film director Allison Anders. NIGHTSWEATS went on to screen at festivals across the U.S. and garner three nominations for Best Short and one for Best Director.  

As a screenwriter, Veronica worked for studios and independents including Disney Animation Studios and Disney Television. Features currently in development include HE NAMED HIM ADAM, a feature-length drama. She was also a script analyst for multiple production companies including Wildwood/South Fork Pictures (Robert Redford), and Avenue Pictures. While in Los Angeles, Veronica founded The Scriptwriter’s Network Staged Reading Series, a hugely successful reading series of original screenplays with professional (and notable) film actors at the Beverly Hills Library theater.

Veronica has also written and directed numerous original works for stage.  Over thirty productions of her plays and one-acts have been produced at theatres on both coasts including SIREN TEARS at Riverside Shakespeare Company, New York; PASSAGE at American Globe Theatre, New York (winner, Best New Play award), and THE ROSE THAT REFUSED TO BLOOM, a popular children’s musical which ran at 13th Street Theater, New York, for over 3 years. She has also directed theatre classics including CRIMES OF THE HEART, FENCES, plus her own play, LULU’S LAST STAND, in Los Angeles.

Veronica began her career as an apprentice actor with Mirror Repertory Company in New York City where she studied acting with fellow company member, Academy Award winner, Geraldine Page. During her years as an actor, she appeared in multiple leading roles in regional, touring, and off-Broadway theatres before shifting her focus to writing and directing. She is a graduate of The Drama Studio, London at Berkeley and SUNY.  

         An article about Veronica:

10 Secrets to Success in the Entertainment Industry


MARC ARAMIAN, Producer (IMDb Page)

He produced Crunch's Award-Winning "epic" short, DANDELION DHARMA, written and directed by Veronica and edited by Oscar winner Jeff Consiglio. 'Dharma' won the coveted Audience Award for Best Live Action Short at the 2009 Palm Springs International ShortFest, considered to be one of the top five festivals for short films in the world. Later that year, 'Dharma' was honored with a special screening of award-winning, international shorts presented by America Cinematheque at Hollywood's historic Egyptian Theater. Having screened at festivals around the world, 'Dharma' can be seen on cable channel Shorts International and can be purchased on iTunes.


Marc and Veronica are prominently featured in the documentary, FOLLOW THE FILMMAKER, produced by Shorts International.  His first producing venture, NIGHTSWEATS: THE COLLECTORS, premiered at the Filmmakers Alliance Vision Awards at the Directors Guild as part of an evening honoring independent film and director, Allison Anders.  NIGHTSWEATS went on to screen in numerous festivals including Chicago's Reel Shorts and The New York Horror Film Festival at Tribeca, and garnered nominations for Best Short at Syracuse International Film Festival, Shockerfest and Frightfest.  Crunch's supernatural thriller short FRAMED was also produced by Marc. 


In addition to his work as a film producer, Marc is a veteran international composer and music producer who has composed hundreds of scores for film, TV, records and commercials. Musical career highlights include six feature films, over 90 TV shows for non-fiction networks (two of which won Emmys and one of which won a Peabody Award), six records, over 500 commercials, one commissioned musical for Tokyo's "Broadway," seven computer games, and the Flag Ceremony for the '92 Olympics in Barcelona. 


He was also Manager of Soundelux Design Music Group in Hollywood, an innovative provider of music, voiceover and soundscapes for Video Games, Commercials and Location-Based Entertainment. In addition to his responsibilities for the bottom line and day-to-day operations, he was the music supervisor on three Disney video games, High School Musical: Karaoke, Cheetah Girls: Dance, and High School Musical 3: Dance.

To hear Marc's music, visit          


Email Marc here.

             An article about Marc & Veronica: A Hollywood film and music producer finds the right notes in Chattanooga


Bio Veronica
Bio Marc

Films that make a difference

She spent the first five years of her life living with Opioid-addicted parents. This unwitting victim in the drug epidemic sweeping across our nation overcomes challenges few ever face. This is the inspiring story of Grace.

Past Projects


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Dandelion Dharma
Dandelion Dharma

Written & Directed by Veronica DiPippo
Producer: Marc Aramian
Edited by Jeff Consiglio
Music & Sound by Marc Aramian



A karmic comedy about three mysterious, eccentric ladies and how their intimate life stories of passion, adventure, romance and survival, inspired a young woman to come to terms with love, loss and letting go.

View TRAILERS for Dandelion Dharma

or visit the IMDB Page or Official Site.


A scene from Dandelion Dharma.

Before and after - On the set with Graham Futerfas, Director Veronica DiPippo with actors Christine Joelle, "gorgeous ass" Jeff Miller and crew.

DD prepping for green screen.jpg
DD pyramids shot.jpg

Festival Road Trip is a reality show about the film festival circuit. In this episode, the filmmakers follow Veronica DiPippo and Marc Aramian at the Palm Springs International Shorts Fest the year Dandelion Dharma won the Audience Award for Best Live Action Narrative.

Lulu's Last Stand
Lulu's Last Stand


Written & Directed by Veronica DiPippo

Music & Sound by Marc Aramian

Set Design by Meghan Rogers

PLOTLINE: When an eccentric matriarch's husband dies suddenly, she summons her quarrelsome offspring to the family's lakeside home in Georgia. The three, offbeat, strong-willed daughters arrive expecting to mourn their father in the usual way. Instead, they experience a weekend full of shocking surprises, emotional bombshells and comical twists and turns that leave them all wondering: How well can we ever really know another human being, or ourselves?


"DiPippo directs with a sure hand, dealing sensitively with the family conflicts, and eliciting solid performances from her cast. Roseen makes a vivid figure of the eccentric Abby, for whom the death of her husband is a liberation as well as a grief. Joelle somehow keeps Bailey likable despite her peppery nature, as she copes with an ongoing divorce and the death of her father. Lancaster is a sympathetic presence, striving to protect Abby from Bailey's domineering ways. Carlisle lends an appealing daffiness to the actor who's thrilled by the dramatic revelations about dear old Dad, and Ross reveals a touchingly self-effacing vulnerability as the other woman. Meghan Rogers has created a colorful, finely detailed set."

- Neal Weaver - Read more at Backstage

"...LULU'S LAST STAND is a well written and insightful comedy. Irene Roseen's a fine performance with subtle shadings. Each of the daughters is played to perfection in this outstanding cast, like musical notes in a score. Meghan Rogers' whimsical set gives us a wonderful background. I loved the outdoor sounds by Marc Aramian....DiPippo gives us a very enjoyable evening filled with insights and laughter."

-- Audrey Linden, L.A. Examiner

"The three young women more than hold their own on stage, asserting their individuality with verve and high spirits. Valeri Ross is endearing in a small but pivotal, role. Direction is by the playwright, the perfect costumes designed by Danielle Domingue. In conclusion, it's safe to say that when the show is over, every married woman in the house will now look at her own spouse in a whole new light."

- Ingrid Wilmot - Will Call

" enjoyable and even inspiring look at an odd-ball mother and her three distinctive daughters.  The women of Abby's age in last night's audience could be heard raving as they left the theatre, and that's a high recommendation indeed. Film composer Marc Aramian's sound design and original music do much to enhance the play's moods, including those frequent interruptions by Bailey's cell phone and some very realistic car sounds."

- -Stage Scene L.A.

"...DiPippo's Abby is not a sullen character ruled by motherhood. She is refreshingly empowered with a full life.  Roseen plays an authentic Southern belle who's past her prime; a quiet, genteel woman seeking polite solace in her lakeside home. Lancaster and Joelle go head-to-head as polar opposites.  The women share solid onstage chemistry. Carlisle supplies a lightness that brings relief amidst the family's pain."

- -Beverly Hills Patch

The Theater where it played. Theatre 40.

Meghan Rogers's set design.


Directed & Edited by Jeff Consiglio
Written & Produced by Veronica DiPippo
Produced by Marc Aramian






Beautiful Sarah, subject to fits of depression, overdoses on pills and drowns in her tub. Her grieving roommate, Jackie, comforts Sarah's boyfriend, Josh... a little too much. They share a secret, arousing suspicion and revealing a web of lies.

Scenes from "Framed"

Lulu E-flyer.jpg
Films that make a difference

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